Seeking Adventure ..?

Get your paws chalky and learn to climb!

Any new climber (Adult or child) will need an induction. This ensures you are able to climb safely.  Our Bouldering for beginners' induction sessions take place on set days and must be pre booked. They are £15 and include a safety briefing, basic climbing technique, coaching, stretching and give you an opportunity to meet our coaches and fellow climbers.

If you are a confident climber or have already had an induction you can climb anytime within our opening hours.

All children under 18 must be supervised by an adult and must receive an induction session before climbing. Alternatively, they can attend one of our young climber's clubs. Here they will receive an induction alongside children their own age. These take place at 10 am on selected Saturdays and last 2 hours

These are £7 per child

Ages 6-16 welcome

Designed by Tara and Andrew for Oswestry Climbing Den